Health Care

The proprietor Mrs Durnall was fully trained at the Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB) Training Centre and holds Ofqual Lvl 3 in Feline Care.

Pinetrees Cattery has been constructed and is continually managed to meet the highest standards of hygiene and cat health care.

Feeding Requirements

Individual cats are fully catered for in hygienic conditions included in the boarding price.


A range of dry and wet foods are available, although specialist feeds are not provided and as such should be provided for the duration of the stay.


Additional attention is given when feeding elderly cats, kittens and those with special needs.


Owners please note that all cats must be immunised against Feline Infectious Enteritis and Upper Respiratory infections (Cat Flu).


An up-to-date vaccination certificate must be produced upon arrival.


Boosters must have been administered no less than 10 days before boarding.


Veterinary Care


Should it be necessary, veterinary attendance is assured.

Any treatment prescribed by a Veterinary Surgeon prior to boarding can be continued during the cat's stay.